In the recent CIO Applications Utilities Special issue, XStreamReports was recognized as being one of the Top 25 Utilities Tech Solution Providers – 2017.

“This list gives you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that provide sustainable solutions enabling utilities to enhance performance and environmental efficiency.” – CIO Applications

We’re happy to be recognized as a great solutions provider for utility companies to partner with to achieve their goals. We can offer custom best-practice Utility Bill Solutions for impactful communication, as an integrated end-to-end solution for automation, optimization and personalization of their high-volume document process. We’ve previously worked with companies like TPU (Tacoma Public Utility), FPL (Florida Power and Light), and Iberdrola (Previously EnergyEast) to reduce operational costs by streamlining the generation, collation, sorting and distribution of customer bills. You can learn more about our Utility Bill Packages here.

We look forward to partnering with more utility companies in the future to strengthen their Customer Communications.

Check out the CIO Applications article and Top 25 list, or you can read their coverage of XStreamReports directly here.

We’re delighted to introduce Mika Manner who is joining us as a Senior Developer. Mika is a senior technical software consultant with 15+ years of experience in the IT industry, and we are happy to welcome him on-board the team!

Mika will be working with our clients to ensure implementation success of their Exstream (StreamServe) solutions and collaborate internally with our team of developers continuing to grow our collective expertise. Mika will also be working closely with our US office in carrying out our new vision for enhanced support.

Mika has extensive experience and expertise in Exstream (StreamServe) implementations, having first worked for StreamServe as early as 2002. Since then he has continued to grow his expertise and provide excellent work. He has worked on various projects focusing on planning, implementation and support for projects involving StreamServe integration, business solutions integration and document management. Collaborating closely with in-house consultants, partners and end-customers. Mika is a StreamServe certified developer.

Join us in welcoming Mika. You’ll find him in our Gothenburg office or out traveling, enjoying a run or meeting friends.

We’re excited to share that we have now opened an office in Sweden. Our ability to support the EMEA region is further strengthened by our office in Gothenburg Sweden, providing a local presence that will promote growth and new business opportunities in Customer Communications Management Consulting (CCM) Services, Support and Training.

Our new office in Sweden is a strategic move to further support the EMEA region and accelerate growth by leveraging the StreamServe talent in Sweden, where StreamServe was first founded. Recent recruitment of key Exstream (StreamServe) experts are heading up the new Sweden office with John Viklund, CTO, in the lead.

“We’re excited to bring our expertise to Europe, and in particular Sweden, where both StreamServe and XStreamReports has roots” – Calle Karlsson, CEO and Founder of XStreamReports. “There’s a lot of original talent and opportunities in Sweden alone, and we’re already working on exciting projects in other parts of Europe as well.”

In addition to providing expert OpenText Exstream (StreamServe) consulting services, reliable support and world class training, the Sweden office will also be spearheading XStreamReports’ endeavor in analytics and AI solutions to further empower their clients in their quests to improve their Customer Experience.This a great step aligned with our vision of providing excellence to be a global leader in full service CCE consulting and solutions.”Anna Soederstroem, VP Business Development.

For more information on our Sweden office, contact John Viklund at or +46 73 150 1516.


We’re very happy to welcome John Viklund to the XStreamReports team! John will serve as our CTO and will be dedicated to ensuring we continue to have cutting edge technology and best practice implementation methodology, especially in the SAP space.

John has extensive experience as a Product Manager and Enterprise Solutions Consultant with a solid track record of managing a portfolio of world-class enterprise solutions and is passionate about creating innovative and customer-centric solutions. John has worked with the OpenText StreamServe suite for over 15 years in many different roles and projects around the globe. Being a member of both StreamServe Professional Services and R&D, John has gained profound knowledge and insight into the StreamServe product suite and uses this knowledge to build innovative, reliable and scalable StreamServe solutions. A strong believer in Customer Experience as a critical part to any company’s success and growth, he is an excellent fit with our values at XStreamReports.

He is already embarking on new territory and paving the way for our future as the company that: “Makes SAP great again”! We are already launching new and never seen SAP Hybris integrations & applications on a cutting-edge project.

John is a strong addition to our great team and welcome him onboard.