The utility industry is in the midst of a transformation towards a more digital and customer experience centric approach, and it is changing the way utility organizations are doing business.

Utility organizations are re-thinking and re-structuring their Customer Communication Management (CCM) to adapt to today’s customer expectations. Creating the ultimate customer experience across all platforms that is consistent throughout the large amounts of interactions created is of outmost importance across print, digital, interactive correspondence and dynamic online bills. To achieve this the organizations must start with ensuring they have the right solutions and processes in place, an expertly implemented solution platform is at the heart of ensuring success with their CCM.

This is where OpenText Exstream, formerly Communications Center Enterprise (CCE) and StreamServe comes in. It is the best solution for utility companies to successfully complete their digital transformation and improve their customer relationships. Through years of successful implementations for our clients we’ve seen how it not only helps in ensuring that the customer experience is optimized through all channels and platforms to improve the organizations digital strategy with information being accessible to customers in a consistent manner on websites, print, email etc. The organizations business users have user friendly web-based tools to easily change and customize messages as needed to be able to respond to customer and organizational needs alike very quickly, resulting in happier customers, a more efficient and agile organization with reduced costs and need for support. For those times when customers contact call centers/support, it can help reduce call center costs and facilitate those calls to be better handled as call centers can pull up exact copies of what the customer is looking at/having questions about.

2016 brought some exciting news and industry changes with OpenText making acquisition in this space and paving the way for organizations further empower their employees to provide the best customer experiences and increased efficiency. We at XStreamReports continuously work with existing and new clients to support them in their digital transformation journey, and  with 2017 being off to an exciting start, we’ll continue to see the utility industry transform and OpenText Exstream presenting an even stronger solution in the market.

If you think OpenText Exstream/CCE/StreamServe might be right for your organization, contact us to learn more!

We’re very happy to welcome John Viklund to the XStreamReports team! John will serve as our CTO and will be dedicated to ensuring we continue to have cutting edge technology and best practice implementation methodology, especially in the SAP space.

John has extensive experience as a Product Manager and Enterprise Solutions Consultant with a solid track record of managing a portfolio of world-class enterprise solutions and is passionate about creating innovative and customer-centric solutions. John has worked with the OpenText StreamServe suite for over 15 years in many different roles and projects around the globe. Being a member of both StreamServe Professional Services and R&D, John has gained profound knowledge and insight into the StreamServe product suite and uses this knowledge to build innovative, reliable and scalable StreamServe solutions. A strong believer in Customer Experience as a critical part to any company’s success and growth, he is an excellent fit with our values at XStreamReports.

He is already embarking on new territory and paving the way for our future as the company that: “Makes SAP great again”! We are already launching new and never seen SAP Hybris integrations & applications on a cutting-edge project.

John is a strong addition to our great team and welcome him onboard.